Adding life to years
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#GenTogether is a social media campaign for all ages that invites people of different generations to team up, take a “selfie” (or a regular photo) together, and share it on social media. If you already have a great picture with people of different ages on your phone or computer, you can use that, too.

It’s another way Community AGEnda, an age-friendly program from Grantmakers In Aging, is helping communities become great places to grow up and grow old.

How you can participate

  • Invite at least one person from a different generation to be in your selfie or regular photo. It can be your neighbor, your grandparent, your child or grandchild, your student, your caregiver, or anyone older (or younger) than you are.
  • Take your selfie or regular photo. (You can also use one you already have on your phone or computer if you like.)
  • Write a sentence or two to tell us about who’s in the photo and what’s happening.
  • Post your selfie on social media, and remember to include the hashtag#GenTogether.

Find out further details about how to participate by visiting the Grantmakers In Aging website.