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CreandoRED is an initiative developed in 2015 initially by Fundación Navarro Viola. It is develop in partnership with a group of cultural and social organisations and individuals like professionals and older adults volunteers which aims to create platforms for conversation, learning, collaborative experiences between staff of cultural and social institutions to create a collective commitment to promote older adults civic rights, to promote access, social inclusion and active participation of older adults in cultural projects. Through monthly meetings we talk and share on topics like creative and active aging, inter-generational learning, cultural policies for older adults and projects with/for older adults. Each three hour meeting combines theoretical/practical approach which includes the presentation of cases and best practices, conferences by specialists and active networking sessions among partners. As part of CreandoRED, since 2016 we dedicate our collective efforts to create a national campaign named Mayores en Acción (Seniors in Action) on community awareness about ageing and social inclusion. We focus specially in a call for action movement to promote social and cultural collaborative activities with and for older adults (and also between social and cultural organisations ) that take place each october during the whole month in different locations. Activities develop and plan by partners could be participatory tours, workshops, gaming sessions, film screenings, storytelling, musical, dance or theatrical activities, festivals or other outdoor activities among others. We aim to:*Create a network of individuals and institutions inspire to generate experiences and cultural collaborative projects among themselves and with / for the older adults.*Promote and socialize experiences that improve the quality of life, autonomy, citizen participation of older people through cultural democratization.*Achieve a federal scope and participation of specialists and institutions during the project meetings and other activities*Design / carry out joint actions that put in concrete the collective commitment assumed agreeing responsibilities, resources and tasks carried out by each the partners / volunteer collaborators.* Generate new opportunities for meeting and reflection on culture collaborative practices with older people.* Make visible and install on the public agenda the actions and reflections developed in the initiative.* Continue to raise awareness and inspire the professional community of cultural organisations about new perspectives on ageing.* Strengthen linkages and expand them with others at a national / international level.


Key facts

Main target group: civil_orgs

Other target group(s): older adults and professional volunteers and cultural institutions

Desired outcome for older people:

Other issues the Age-friendly practice aims to address:
  • Ageism
  • Accessibility
  • Intergenerational activities

Contact details

Name: Gonzalez de Langarica, Florencia

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Preferred language(s): español| english

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