Make a Personal Job Description specific for each staff member


Besides the normal tasks and responsibilities that belong to the positions, a specific staff member may have additional tasks and responsibilities. E.g. the staff member who is Biosafety Officer may also be part-time technologist. In this case the Position Job Descriptions of the positions "Biosafety Officer" and "Laboratory Technologist" need to be combined and tailor-made for this staff member. Another example: one laboratory technologist may also be a first aid provider. In this case the job description for this staff member must contain the tasks and responsibilities that belong to the position "Laboratory Technologist" supplemented with the tasks and responsibilities of a first aid provider. Hence, as individual staff members may occupy multiple positions in the organization, it is necessary to also make Personal Job Descriptions in addition to job descriptions for the positions in the laboratory.


Besides a Position Job Description for each position in the laboratory, there must also be a description specific for the staff member which describes not only the tasks and responsibilities related to his/her position, but also specific additional tasks. By reading this the staff member knows exactly what is expected from him/her.


In the right-hand column is an example of a personal job description of a laboratory technologist who is also authorized to assist the Quality Officer with document control activities.

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. Make Personal Job Descriptions specific for each staff member.
  2. Store the Personal Job Descriptions behind the tab of each staff member in the Personnel Files folder.


NOTE: When a new staff member is hired a personal job description has to be developed. Also, when tasks, responsibilities and authorities change job descriptions of staff members need to be updated.

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