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USA: Fairfax CA Community Assessment & Strategic Action Plan 2017

The Age Friendly Fairfax Community Assessment 2015-2016 and Strategic Action Plan 2017-2019 begins with an introduction and overview of the document, and it then provides a detailed description of the County of Marin and the Town of Fairfax.  The Community Assessment addresses each of the eight domains, describing each domain’s essential age friendly features, the current age friendly services within the town and the county relevant to that domain, followed by a list of challenges and comments generated about each domain and a final summary of each of the eight domains.   The Strategic Action Plan presents 15 action items categorized under the eight domains with specific steps listed under each action item.  The document concludes with a discussion of the evaluation process and an extensive appendix is included outlining local to global age friendly resources.

Age Friendly Fairfax CA Assessment & Strategic Plan April 2017

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