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The happiness index was 98.5%: Sharjah Police volunteer services enhance the social responsibility of the elderly


The voluntary initiative Age-friendly Public Transport the bedridden category has achieved tangible positive results since its launch in 2018 until 2020. In cooperation with the Department of Social Services, where the number of beneficiaries of the initiative reached “3856” during 2018, reaching “3985” Beneficiaries during the year 2019, until it reached “4343” beneficiaries during the year 2020. Achieving an increase in the service satisfaction rate of 98.0% in 2020, which led to an increase in the happiness index to reach 98.5%. This came during the Aman Ya Baladi which safety for the society program, which is prepared by the Media and Public Relations Department of the Sharjah Police, and is broadcast live on Sharjah Radio. The number of volunteer hours has reached a total of 8642 hours during the year 2020. Sharjah Police harnesses all its capabilities in order to fulfill its societal role and provide the best services to various segments of society. Pointing out that the Rescue Department provides many humanitarians works that embody the societal role entrusted to the Sharjah Police in line with the Ministry of Interior’s strategy aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction with the services provided.



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