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The first sports meeting for senior citizens in Ufa

One of the most aged-friendly in Russia is considered to be Ufa. A lot of differend events are hold here not only to make older people’s life more comfortable, but also in order to help them to maintain their professional, creative and intellectual capacity. However, the most popular activities and events among older people are sport ones.

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So, on the 24th of May 2017 the first sports meeting for senior citizens took place in Ufa.





200 people were allowed to compete, the oldest one of those was the 82 years-old participant. Pensioners could try their hand at 6 different activities:  athletics, swimming, checkers, table tennis, darts and shooting, as well as in a Nordic Walking Competition. Moreover, there was organized drawing and dancing workshops for everyone interested.

All participants were presented with sweet gifts, while the winners of the competition were awarded diplomas, medals and the tickets to the theater. By the way, the local winners of such games in Ufa team will represent their city at the competitions at republican level.

The main aim of such meetings is to promote active recreation and healthy lifestyle, to attract older people to active physical training and increase the role of pensioners in the physical culture and sports life of the city. All participants said that they came to the competitions not for medals, but for health and good mood.