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The 23rd Senior Citizens’ day

In celebration of the 23rd Senior Citizens’ day, on Tuesday, a large ceremony was held at Naju Indoor Stadium in Naju, South Korea’s historical city, with around 3000 of citizens and the elderly.

The event was hosted by the Naju branch of the Korean Senior Citizen Association. After an amazing musical play, there was an awards ceremony for people who contributed to the welfare of the elderly or who were exemplary senior citizens. On the second half of the event featured various performances, including a Senior singing contest, the Janggu, Line Dance, and samulnori as well.

Also, the senior citizens enjoyed various hands-on experience programs at the booths organized by the Naju branch, including dementia checkups, photo shoots of school uniforms which remind the senior citizens of their school days, traditional games and nail art.

“The Naju branch will continue to make efforts to improve the welfare of the elderly in Naju, and to develop into an association that contributes to regional development based on experience by setting an example to the younger generation,” said Seo Jung-yoon, president of the association.

The mayor of Naju, Kang In-kyu, said “We will do our best to support leisure activity programs for the elderly and find advanced welfare policies for senior citizens so that senior citizens who have devoted their lives to national growth and regional development are able to spend their later years as a happy time with self-esteem.”