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Social Initiative Called Al Maoun



The Department of suburban affairs and villages and its six suburban councils are launching its new social initiative called Al Maoun in cooperation with Sharjah Police Headquarter, Community Police, Social Services Department, National Volunteer Emergency Response Program and the UAE Volunteer Muwalef Society. The aim of the initiative is to exchange food between neighbors and families in order to exchange their dishes during the various periods in the framework of the Department’s vision to strengthen the relations between the families and the elderly in various neighborhoods and to revive the local customs and traditions. The initiative represents a social expression that expresses communication, compassion, between the neighbors and the title “Maoun” as a local heritage that expresses the provision of food among the people. The expectation of the initiative is to continue in the councils of the suburbs of the Emirate of Sharjah, Muweileh, Mugaidar, Khalidiya, Wasit, Rahmani and Zubarah to include the people within those areas.
Khamis bin Salem Al Suwaidi, member of the Executive Council of Sharjah, Chairperson of suburban affairs and villages stressed the importance of the Maoun initiative, which coincides with the objectives and competences of the Department and its vision in developing relations between neighbors and reaching the elderly. He pointed out that Maoun represents a revival of our past customs that do not change despite differences Circumstances. In addition, neighbors do not need food as much as they need attention and communication among themselves. Between neighbors and closer relationships