Adding life to years
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Smovey is a dynamic fitness way of training that is like no other. It provides a dynamic upper body workout that gets you fit while helping to burn more calories and stabilize your back and spine. Each Smovey ring weighs 450 g and includes four metal balls that run freely inside the hollow plastic tubes.

The exercises are based upon firm movement of one’s arms and natural straightening up the torso accompanied by resilient motion of legs.

Training sessions to employ smovey technique enjoy a great popularity amongst the elderly of Senior Centre in Opole which results in their active participation.

The workshops mentioned above bring the positive effects as follows:

  • activate surface and core muscles,
  • support metabolism and fat burning,
  • support the lymphatic system and body cleansing,
  • strengthen the cardiovascular system,
  • strengthen the immune system,
  • relieve muscle tension and blockages.

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