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Saskatoon Age Friendly Assessment – Findings Report full summary

Saskatoon Age-friendly Saskatoon Initiative-Findings Report FULL_(Dec.22, 2011)This report on Phase One provides an assessment of the age-friendliness of our community from the perspective of its older citizens.  this document is the comprehensive summary with all information from all research and input.  Through focus groups, surveys and interviews, over 500 older adults in most Saskatoon neighborhoods told us what it was like to live in Saskatoon and offered suggestions for future action.

Participants reminded us of the striking difference between Saskatoon in summer and Saskatoon in winter. They talked about improving public transportation, housing choices to keep them connected to their community, safety, improved access to shopping and services and resources to help them maintain their health and fitness.

The data gathered in this Phase 1 of the initiative identifies that Saskatoon has many age-friendly features that promote quality of life and independence for older people. However participants identified that there are also aspects of living in Saskatoon that need improvement and suggested ways to make Saskatoon and environs more age friendly.