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Opole Senior Card

At the Center “Senior in Opole” you can get the Opole Senior Card, which can be obtained by women living in Opole who are at the age of 60 as well as men aged 65. After submitting the application at the Senior Center in Opole, cards are issued from Monday to Friday during the Center’s business hours, i.e. from 7:30 to 15:30. The card entitles seniors to receive discounts and rebates in access to sports, recreational and cultural institutions, which are offered by organizational units of the city of Opole, as well as other organizations, institutions or entrepreneurs who participate as partners in the “Opole Family” Program for 2019 -2029. The Opolski Senior Card operates as part of the Opolska Rodzina Program, the number of partners joining the program increases every month. The Opole Senior Card is also issued to refugees from Ukraine. Due to the availability of the rooms of the Senior Center in Opole for administrative service of refugees, seniors from Ukraine are informed about the possibility of obtaining a card, which they willingly use. Having and using the Opole Senior Card contributes to exploring and getting to know the city of Opole and to social integration.

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