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Waldo County

Waldo County

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Waldo County  United States of America
Print this page City population: 3890426 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

What we have: AWWC has been in existence for two years. During that time, an assessment was completed that included all 26 communities in Waldo County. Waldo County has the following attributes and assets as described by respondents to its survey. These include a system of active libraries with speakers, programs, activities, movies, and sometimes pot luck type dinners; a system of churches that provide programming, social events, and committees for participation in the community including several food pantries; the YMCA of Waldo County which sponsors exercise classes geared to seniors and a program of “Active Older Adults” (AOA) with classes, activities, lunches, and field trips; Belfast Senior College, an all-volunteer educational organization offering inexpensive, non-credit classes for people 50 and over in three terms per year, with subjects in arts, sciences, history, literature, foreign language, crafts, etc. Each term offers 16 courses, all taught by highly qualified retirees; an emerging “senior center” meeting weekly to play games; Volunteer opportunities in a number of social service agencies including Waldo Community Action Partners, After School programs for children, Literacy Volunteers of Waldo County, volunteering in public schools, volunteer-run libraries, Meals on Wheels, the Belfast Garden Club, “Triad” and more. Individual communities or pairs of communities will write several specific goals to increase participation at ongoing events identifying individuals who may have transportation challenges or be unwilling to go to events alone and encourage participation by offering rides and companionship. Communities will further identify opportunities for their seniors which may need expanding or additional resources. A separate transportation work group is meeting regularly with Midcoast Community Transportation to explore ways to increase service, access to service, and expand services. Remote communities will consider implementing any needed check-in services for vulnerable residents, especially in winter and following serious weather. Communities will identify individuals living alone who may need to be connected to services offered by TRIAD and the Waldo County Sheriff daily call-in services.

Baseline Assessment
Strategy and Action Plan