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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Velenje  Slovenia
Print this page City population: 33034Joined Network in 2010

The Municipality of Velenje has always been friendly to older citizens. In 2010, Velenje joined the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities. Since then, several changes to the urban architecture has been made, making the town more senior- and wheelchair-friendly. We established a centre of daily activities for the elderly, meant for elder people, who are not included in other activities. The centre is opened twice a week and provides a place where seniors can meet others, communicate, exercise and play table games.

Velanje has also adapted its administrative structures and services to be accessible to older people with varying needs and capacities. The Senior Committee identifies and forwards all problems they find in the city to the Project Coordination Committee for follow-up. A website was also established for all citizens to comment or ask questions about issues they may find in the city. A guide to social programmes was published in 2013 to raise awareness on these programmes. Elder citizens also have many opportunities for education and lectures about topics that interest them.

In 2013, the Council of the Municipality of Velenje accepted the Strategy for age-friendly policies and activities in the Municipality of Velenje by 2020. The programme to improve the lives of people with disabilities is prepared every four years, and Velenje strives to be even more successful in building a city for all residents.

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