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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Upplands-Bro  Sweden
Print this page City population: 3185320 % over 60Joined Network in 2023

Upplands-Bro is a municipality in Sweden that is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for older adults. As part of our age-friendly initiative, Upplands-Bro has implemented several activities and services aimed at improving the quality of life for our older residents.

One ongoing initiative is the “Omdaning-Bro” project, which aims to renovate and create new spaces in Upplands-Bro. The initiative includes a strong focus on the perspective of older adults, listening to their wishes and needs. The project has also planned to build new senior housing in an area mixed with preschools and other residences, in order to create diversity in the communities.

Upplands-Bro also provides a range of social and health care services for older adults with such needs, including home care services, rehabilitation services, and access to health and fitness activities.

To make the municipality more age-friendly, Upplands-Bro is also investing in technology and digital solutions. This includes the development of digital platforms that provide older adults with easy access to information and services, as well as the introduction of new technologies that can help improve their health and well-being. The municipality also offers training to understand technological developments for older individuals.

Furthermore, Upplands-Bro works closely with older adults to identify their needs and preferences and involve them in the planning and implementation of age-friendly initiatives. The municipality has also begun to write an action plan and conducted a baseline assessment based on WHO principles to become an age-friendly community.


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