Adding life to years
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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Ufa  Russian Federation

Our age-friendly initiative began in 2011. Our goals are to make the city age-friendly for active ageing and develop our elderly’s creative potential.

We celebrate numerous festivals to commemorate our elderly residents, such as Victory Day, Memorial Day and the Elderly Day. This also helps to ensure that our seniors do not to feel lonely and isolated. Different contests and sport competitions (Chess, Darts, fishing, winter sports and others) are also held for the elderly. The winners are given prizes and certificates. There are Universities of the Third Age for life-long learning where the elderly can gain knowledge and communicate with each other. City libraries provide older adults with books and any kind of information. This is also provided at home if people are unable to visit. Various Service Centres help the elderly and the disabled minimize their problems, such as the social taxi service, Home Healthcare, and Temporary Care Centres for those elderly whose relatives  have to leave the city on holiday or on a business trip. We are planning to do our best to ensure high quality of life in the city, finding new ways of involving the elderly in the activities of NGOs and other state institutions.

Baseline Assessment
Strategy and Action Plan