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Tsuen Wan District Hong Kong

Tsuen Wan District Hong Kong

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Tsuen Wan District Hong Kong  China
Print this page City population: 30463718.4 % over 60

Tsuen Wan District Age-friendly Community Scheme

Tsuen Wan District develops rapidly with a current population over 300 000 and ever growing number of elderly people. In view of this, the Tsuen Wan District Council initiated the “Tsuen Wan District Age-friendly Community Scheme” (the Scheme) together with Yan Chai Hospital Social Services Department in the end of 2013, assisted by the Elderly Commission and Lingnan University. The Scheme was supported by various government departments, including Tsuen Wan District Office, Tsuen Wan/Kwai Tsing District Social Welfare Office of Social Welfare Department, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Housing Department and non-governmental organisations for elderly services. Complemented with an academically-based bottom-up approach, 48 elderly volunteers in Tsuen Wan District were trained to serve as the “Senior Community Ambassadors” through community inspections, talks, group discussion and interchange sessions. They provided recommendations and improvement proposals after conducting site inspections and assessments in Tsuen Wan District according to the eight “age-friendly city features”. The participation and sharing of the elderly in the Scheme brought about the improvement of community facilities for the elderly. Meanwhile, the rationale of age-friendly community was promoted in Tsuen Wan District.

In February 2015, Tsuen Wan District was among the first batch of “Age-friendly Communities” in Hong Kong to join the “WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities”. In order to share the recognition of the Scheme with the elderly and people in the community, the Tsuen Wan District Council organised the “Designation Ceremony for Tsuen Wan District Joins the WHO ‘Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities’ and Poon Choi Feast for the Elderly”.

At present, the Tsuen Wan District Council is undertaking the preparatory work for the establishment of the “Tsuen Wan District Age-friendly Community Steering Committee” which is directed by the elderly to take forward a work plan for two or three years. Besides, regular meetings with relevant government departments, public organisations and non-governmental organisations will be convened to support the coordination and implementation of various “age-friendly” tasks and activity plans for the sustained improvement of facilities and services for the elderly in the district. To this end, the workshops and activities of harmony across generation will be held to promote the idea of “respecting the elderly” and encourage the elderly to take part in community affairs and activities more actively. It is believed that the creation of the “age-friendly” community environment for the elderly to live a better life shall enable them to possess the sense of belonging, sense of security and sense of worthiness. The culture of love and care for the elderly will be broadly enrooted in Tsuen Wan District.

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