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Town of Eaton (Mount Washington Valley)

Town of Eaton (Mount Washington Valley)

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Town of Eaton (Mount Washington Valley)  United States of America
Print this page City population: 30147.9 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

Mount Washington Valley is proud to host a variety of resources, services, agencies and programs that serve the aging as well as intergenerational populations of our region (see the attached Community Resources and Gaps PDF for complete list). Examples of housing options include: the Merriman House, Fryebrurg Nursing Home, and Apple Tree Village, with income-based rent. Transportation options include: RSVP, Tamworth Caregivers, Careplus, LifeStar, and NC Ambulance, all of which serve medical populations. Opportunities for social participation include: Silver Lake Singers, town libraries, book clubs, and Gibson social programs. Schouler Park, Settlers Green walk, One Book One Valley, and Tamworth Outing club provide opportunities to enjoy outdoor spaces and for respect and social inclusion. A variety of communication tools exist such as, the 7 Town Libraries list, town websites, Jackson E news, and more. Additionally, community Health Services available include advanced care planning, food pantries, Fryeburg Healthcare Center, and Northern Human Services. Opportunities for civic engagement and employment include the Freedom Committee on Aging, the Jackson Neighbor Project, and part-time and full time employment options. Some of these are town specific while others are open to the full public, the elderly and seniors included. Our future plans include developing the means of maximizing utilization of these resources, providing encouragement for replication of best practices throughout the region, and focusing on the gaps identified in regional surveys that include the Community Health Needs Assessment for Northern Carroll County, the MOUNT WASHINGTON VALLEY REGION: Strategies to Support Affordable Housing & Economic Diversification report by Planning Decisions Inc., and the Community Health Improvement Plan of the regional Granite United Public Health collaborative.