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Torres Vedras Municipality

Torres Vedras Municipality

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Torres Vedras Municipality  Portugal
Print this page City population: 7946525 % over 60Joined Network in 2013

During the last few years, the Camara Municipal Torres Vedras (CMTV) has conceived and implemented public policies and projects to support vulnerable groups, namely to citizens above 55 years old, to improve the quality of life for the county’s seniors, prevent isolation and social exclusion and encourage and enhance seniors’ social participation. These projects are provided free-of-charge to participants. Some of these projects are:

• Road safety: A collaboration to identify and train seniors to guide students in safely crossing the roads close to primary schools
• Patrimony: Training seniors to be stationed in areas of interest, such as churches, to ensure its regular functioning and provide information to the visitors
• Senior club: An annual project to create informal learning spaces in several county parishes, where several ludic, training, social, artistic and personal and cognitive activities are developed
• Senior card: Provides support in diverse areas to the senior population through benefits and discounts in activities promoted by the City Council and products and services provided by some enterprises)
• Stir It for Life: A regular physical activity program for the seniors
• Educational Services:- Seniors plan a series of intergenerational activities to be carried out annually in the county schools
• Cultural tours: A seasonal plan of cultural visits
• Postcards with art: To expose the senior public to contemporary art and artistic structures of the county
• Workshops of knowledge: An annual platform for seniors to share knowledge and insights in diverse areas
• House workshop: A mobile service providing support in small home repairs for seniors
• Senior care cabinet: To provide counselling, accompaniment and social referral.

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