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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Toronto  Canada
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The City of Toronto adopted its first Toronto Seniors Strategy in 2013 to clearly and explicitly address some of the pressing issues facing seniors in the city and to lay the foundation for the work that is required to adequately and effectively support Toronto’s growing ageing population. In May 2018, the City’s Council adopted Version 2.0 that builds upon the 2013 initial version of the strategy.

Older Torontonians were not the subject matter of Version 2.0, they were co-creators. Version 2.0 is the product of a co-creation between municipal staff and community partners led by the Toronto Seniors Strategy Accountability Table which includes older persons, caregivers, service providers working with older Torontonians, advocacy groups, academic and medical ageing experts, businesses and local, provincial, federal and international partners. It was informed by an extensive and inclusive community engagement process that reached 10,000 older Torontonians and caregivers. It contains 27 high-impact recommendations which add up to what is called a service system management approach to support older Torontonians.

Version 2.0 builds upon the original 2013 Strategy which uses the eight WHO age-friendly domains to identify important issues that were identified in the City’s research and consultations. The Strategy articulates four key principles for service planning: equity, respect, inclusion and quality of life. To ensure accountability, each of the 91 recommendations in Version 1.0 identified a City Lead responsible for their implementation and the related implementation timeline. In addition, each recommendation was monitored closely with annual public progress reports listing each recommendation, whether it was fully, partially or not implemented and why. As of the final progress report on Version 1.0 in February 2018, 90 of the 91 recommendations have been actioned. Any unfinished work from Version 1.0 carried forward into 2.0.

 The City of Toronto is committed to build on the important concept of age-friendly cities and communities and work toward age-inclusivity and ultimately to become a city where people of all ages can age equitably with dignity and respect.

 Toronto Seniors Strategy: Towards an Age-Friendly City