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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Münster  Germany
Print this page City population: 31650023 % over 60Joined Network in 2022

The city of Münster, currently has over 316000 inhabitants, with 23.3% of its population being people aged 60 and over corresponding to approximately 73,600 people. The city of Münster has long been dedicated to the interests of older people. Topics include age-appropriate and inclusive neighbourhood development, health and exercise, promotion of older citizens‘ meeting places, poverty in older age, creation of adequate housing options, educational opportunities, strengthening mobility in older age and now also digitisation.

The recently held Conference on Ageing and Care featured topics such as service living, nursing home communities, comprehensive care in the district, expanding barrier-free living and consulting services. One example of new programming that is being offered includes a consultation visit after an individual’s 75th birthday where they can learn more about leisure activities and support options within the district. Technical support options at home and on the go are also provided.

There are currently 13 district working groups “Getting Older in Münster”, in which different actors and organisations, but also citizens, are involved. In all working groups, the “Senior Citizens‘ Representation” participates and gives suggestions and provides recommendations to the Council of the City of Münster on various topics.

In 2017, the master plan for older citizens, including district development, was adopted by the City Council of Münster. The city of Münster is itself active in one district, two other neighbourhood projects are financially supported by the city. Three additional neighbourhood projects are currently underway through other funding opportunities with the aim of enabling older people to stay in their homes and neighbourhood for as long as possible.

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