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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Qiqihar  China
Print this page City population: 5700000Joined Network in 2011

In 2009, China began to implement a national age-friendly cities programme on a trial basis in 13 cities within six provinces, in response to WHO’s Age-friendly Cities Programme. In November 2011, the city of Qiqihar became a member of the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities.
Qiqihar’s goal is to build a city where older people should be supported, enjoy medical care, contribute to the society, engage in life-long learning and live happily. The major city department involved is the Qiqihar Committee on Ageing. Qiqihar has implemented a series of activities for older people. For example, “Seniors Month” is conducted every year, where many organizations, enterprises and individuals are called upon to provide help and services to seniors over the Chinese Traditional Senior’s Day. Role models from the service industry are commended yearly for their respect towards older people.

Efforts have been made to create a supportive social system of respecting older people and promoting their happiness by providing a better system of social security, medical care and social welfare. Further progress has been obtained in building information platforms of home-based care for older adults. The standard system of the facilities for older people has been improved. The city has attached great importance to the spiritual and cultural life of older people and provided opportunities to bring out their potential and fulfil their dreams.
In the future, Qiqihar will commit itself to improving its profile as a member of the Global Network and exploring an ageing development mode suitable to its circumstances.

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