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Perola do Oeste

Perola do Oeste

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Perola do Oeste  Brazil
Print this page City population: 676119.9 % over 60Joined Network in 2020

Pérola D’Oeste is a city in the mesoregion of Capanema, in the State of Paraná. The city has an expressive number of older adults, the total population is approximately 6.761 individuals and 1.346 of them being 60 years old or above, which puts 20% of the city’s population in the older adults’ category. The projection for the next ten years is that the number will reach 25%.Our mission is to develop projects, actions and programs alongside the city hall, in order to provide autonomy, a better quality of life and more engagement within the community for our older population. With that in mind, we already have many actions being executed in all departments. Urban services to become the city more accessible, building wheelchair ramps and benches; in the Health Department we offer preventive care, home visits from our doctors, specific meetings with risk groups such as diabetics and hypertensive people and physical activity days with trained teachers. The Department of Social Services and CRAS provides dynamics, preventive and orientation lectures, small gatherings for fun, home visits, technology courses for beginners, and so much more, as described in the plan. We seek to enter this project to make our city friendlier towards our older adults population and we are counting on all of our departments to make it happen. Together, we came up with a variety of actions to execute in the next few years. Our goal is to promote ageing in a healthier and more active manner, with access to healthcare and a sense of security and safety, making our physical spaces and services more accessible and inclusive, which in the end, all ages will benefit from.

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