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Pelham, Ontario

Pelham, Ontario

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Pelham, Ontario  Canada
Print this page City population: 1765729 % over 60Joined Network in 2017

The Town of Pelham is engaging and involving older people in the process of becoming a more age-friendly community by working towards the following:

Outdoor Spaces and Buildings:
• Representation of PSAC on planning of new Community Centre
• Parks are well maintained. Many parks were designed to include more benches, outdoor washroom facilities and exercise equipment
• Snow removal of sidewalks was implemented to ensure a safer walk place for residents
• Events accommodate all ages. More seating, benches, washrooms and access to drinking water
• Plans in motion for increased outdoor benches through Pelham Active Transportation Committee
• New ideas to accommodate growing traffic chicane
• Funding provided by Town to support accessible transportation (van) with regular scheduled trips and reasonable fees
• Volunteer Committee that reports to council on issues related to transportation of residents (Pelham Active Transportation Committee)
• Pelham Transit services are available to take seniors to events, shopping excursions and field trips.
• Volunteer and/or an informal network of drivers is available
• Information is provided to seniors about the range of transportation services (public and private) available to them, including information on how and where to access them, updated timetables and cost
• The use of public and alternative transportation is promoted in the community
• A local grocers transportation picks up of older adults from retirement facilities, apartments etc.
• New development occurring
• PSAC hosted housing forum to engage partners including developers, builders, Town Council and community members to review seniors housing needs
• Presentations to Council on housing – PSAC encouraging council to make planning changes that will encourage suitable building options
• Housing is located in close proximity to services
• Affordable supports are available to enable seniors to remain at home
• Assisted living options are available
Social Participation
• Events and activities are conveniently located
• Events are held at time convenient for older adults
• Events consider needs and wants of all age groups
• Information about activities is readily available in multiple formats of communication
• Home visits through volunteer visiting programs are provided to those who do not, or cannot, leave their homes.
• Community activities bring together different generations – SummerFest, Weekly Summer Bandshell Concert, Farmer’s Market, Canada Day Celebration
• Intergenerational courses, crafts, computer literacy, adult driver renewal sessions and hobbies are available with minimal or no costs through the Pelham Public Library
Respect and Social Inclusion
• PSAC hosted a number of forums on topics related to seniors issues, housing, safety and security, community health and support
• PSAC members are of various ages and participate in a number of forums dealing with senior issues , safety and security, housing, community health and support
• An interactive speaker series (Conversation Café) has been created that delivers important information (e.g. on health issues, protection against fraud)
• Older persons are asked for their input into public issues
• Contributions of seniors are honoured in the community through events and/or awards (Town of Pelham Annual Volunteer Recognition Event)
• Mayor and Council support events recognizing seniors…Minutes of Silence for longtime volunteers, Mayors for Meals annual event
• Seniors are “celebrated” by local service clubs. One example is the selection of the “Citizen of the Year”. Local media includes information of interest to seniors, as well as stories celebrating seniors’ achievements and awards
• The Great Coat Project which is a project by a young woman living in Pelham which is in honour of veterans, from Pelham, who were members of the Canadian Armed Forces. To have individual names embroidered on a “patch” to be attached to a Great Coat circa WW1. . One example of such a “patch” was embroidered by Mary Balint with the names of Tom and Kathleen Fowler.
• Memorial Bricks sponsored by Branch 613 of the Royal Canadian Legion, in memory of Pelham residents who were members of the Armed Services.
Civic Participation & Employment
• Pelham Seniors Advisory Committee acts as an advocate to represent the interests and concerns of older adults
• PSAC members are active in community planning
• Older adults are encouraged to volunteer and remain engaged in the community by providing them with flexible and accessible opportunities
• Individuals are approached personally to participate in volunteer activities
Communication and Information
• There is regular and reliable distribution of information about events and programs (including contact information) through local government and/or voluntary organizations
• Information is disseminated/posted where seniors conduct their daily activities – (library, town hall, churches)
• Important information is disseminated in forums, including public meetings and information sessions
• Written communication is clearly printed in large letters and is easy to read, with simple messaging
• The Town utilizes multi formats for information dissemination including website, local newspaper, and social media
• The local media promotes and supports stories that are of interest to and highlight successes of older adults
Community and Health Services
• Transportation services are provided to regional centres
• Health and Wellness Centre in planning (2018)
• Wellspring Cancer Center scheduled to open in 2017
• A range of health and community support services is offered for promoting, maintaining and restoring health.
• Home care services include health and personal care and housekeeping.
• Staff is respectful, helpful and trained to serve older people
• Residential care facilities and designated older people’s housing are located close to services and the rest of the community (Lookout Ridge, 45 & 55 Pelham Town Square, Shorthills Retirement Home)
• Clear and accessible information is provided about health and social services for older people