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Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Initiative

Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Initiative

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Initiative  Canada
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Established in 2008, the Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Reference Group has played a lead role in the development and promotion of the age-friendly communities (AFC) model in Canada.

Co-chaired by the Public Health Agency of Canada and a municipal government leader, the Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Reference Group consists of members from provincial/territorial and municipal governments, local community-based organizations, older adults, policy and research organizations, and other representatives as determined by each jurisdiction.

The Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Reference Group engages in various strategic activities to help advance the AFC model across Canada, including:

  • Acting as a focal point for pan-Canadian coordination and resource- and information-sharing on AFC work taking place across the country.
  • Providing leadership on recommended guidelines and criteria for AFC implementation and evaluation, for consideration by provincial and territorial governments, who are primarily responsible for the delivery of AFC programs across Canada.
  • Strategically sustaining and advancing the AFC model nationally and internationally through the development of flexible, national guidelines (e.g., the Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Milestones and the Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Recognition Framework), and the creation of helpful community resources (e.g., Age-Friendly Communities Implementation Guide and Toolbox).

For more information on age-friendly communities work in Canada, please visit:


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