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Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Initiative

Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Initiative

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Initiative  Canada
Print this page City population: 3825 % over 60Joined Network in 2011

The Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities (AFC) Reference Group has played a lead role in the development and promotion of the Pan-Canadian Age-Friendly Communities Initiative. Co-chaired by the Public Health Agency of Canada and a municipal government leader, the Pan-Canadian AFC Reference Group consists of members from provincial/territorial and municipal governments, seniors, non-governmental organizations, municipal and planning associations, and academics. Also, supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada in its role as secretariat, the Group is committed to strategically sustaining and advancing the age-friendly policy nationally and internationally through the development of flexible, national guidelines (e.g. the Pan-Canadian AFC Milestones and the Pan-Canadian AFC Recognition Framework), the creation of helpful community resources (e.g. the AFC Implementation Guide and Toolbox),and, the coordination of knowledge exchange activities which include ad hoc series of national and international AFC Webinars.



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