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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Ottawa  Canada
Print this page City population: 90000017 % over 60Joined Network in 2011

Transforming Ottawa into an Age-Friendly city is in the works through the collaborative efforts of the City of Ottawa, through their municipal Older Adult Plan, and Age Friendly Ottawa, a community initiative led by the Council on Ageing. In 2011, the City of Ottawa became a member of the World Health Organization’s Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities.

A baseline assessment of Ottawa’s age-friendliness, based on the WHO protocol, was completed in the fall of 2011. Through this process, over 600 older adults, service providers, caregivers, and business stakeholders were consulted on their views and suggestions under each of the eight age-friendly domain areas. Special attention was paid to groups of older adults with unique linguistic, cultural, financial, and other needs. Following a thorough analysis of the consultation and research findings, the City of Ottawa developed an Older Adult Plan which focuses on areas that fall within the municipality’s mandate. The Plan, approved by Ottawa City Council in October 2012, contains 74 actions organized under the eight age-friendly domains and has a 2012-2014 timeline. A Seniors Roundtable of community members has been created to provide feedback to City staff on the implementation of the actions contained in the Older Adult Plan. Concurrently, in late 2013, Age Friendly Ottawa released an Age Friendly Ottawa Community Framework, which is broader in scope, and includes key elements of municipal Older Adult Plan.