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Northfield, Minnesota

Northfield, Minnesota

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Northfield, Minnesota  United States of America
Print this page City population: 203569.13 % over 60Joined Network in 2016

Northfield has had a rich history of organizations, programs and services targeted toward older people. A number of organizations including the Northfield Senior Center, two retirement centers, the Community Action Center, Elderhostel Learning program, two local clinics, the Northfield Hospital, the City of Northfield and many churches, among others, offer opportunities for older Northfielders. Various programs and services provided include subsidized housing, assisted living, adult day services, home care agencies, mental and physical health programs, managed care meals, transit services, and many volunteers who assist older people. Through the Age Friendly initiative Northfield plans to enhance these programs by improving and expanding them to include more people, more options, and a greater rural geographic area. In addition, we hope to identify gaps that exist and work to fill them with new age friendly programs and services.

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