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Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Mount Vernon  United States of America
Print this page City population: 164232 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

Mount Vernon Village is a small commercial village located in the northwestern corner of town. The Fire Stations, Community Center and Post Office are within the village. The Town Hall and Elementary School are short distance outside of the village. The village has several small novelty shops, a real estate office and a country store that sells almost anything you might need and makes a visitor feel right at home. In recent years, more retirees, professionals and others have moved to town to enjoy the benefits of living in a small and friendly community with excellent schools. Many join the various committees or become volunteers and contribute to our town. It usually doesn’t take them long to feel part of the community.

As Mount Vernon began updating our thirty-year-old comprehensive plan, we learned the topic of aging in place was hugely important to our citizens. So we recruited a group of volunteers to look at the issue and come up with goals for the next decade. That group has grown into an official town committee, and was included in June’s municipal budget. The committee has begun working on a variety of projects that fit seamlessly into the strong social network we already enjoy. A proposed home task assistance program will enhance our Neighbors Driving Neighbors program. Afternoon activities will run in conjunction with our Saturday breakfasts; a senior check-in system is planned in cooperation with our volunteer fire and emergency departments. We also hope to amend our housing ordinances to allow for accessory dwelling units tailored to older residents.
We intend to reach out to our older residents through the groups and activities in which so many are already involved. Members of our aging committee represent the town library, community center, Community Partnership Corporation, fire and rescue, food pantry, recreation committee, churches, and select board. We plan to provide information and invitation to future projects through these entities and their programs, as well as via our monthly newsletter and local access TV station.

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