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Maipú, Argentina

Maipú, Argentina

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Maipú, Argentina  Argentina
Print this page City population: 17233212 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

The Municipality of Maipú through the different departments of the Ministry of Government, seeks to respond to all the demands of our older adults and provide them with a better quality of life. In order to achieve this, the Council for Projects and Programs for the Older Adults was created on 1997 with the intention to be an autonomous organ that carries out activities for the older adults. Today the Council for Projects and Programs for Older Adults has at least one retirement center per district.

In reference to the programs, areas or departments that look forward with being friendly with the older adults, different activities are taking place in the Municipality of Maipú. For example, the Sports Department launched the Program “Teachers for the day centers” and the Division of Culture, Heritage and Tourism implemented the Program “Recreation for Older Adults” which intends to show different touristic sites of the province and exchange experiences with other members of different retirement centers. From the Subdivision of Human Development and Family, the Department of Social Work is responsible of responding to the needs of the population in general and of the older adults in particular. The Municipality by means of the Secretary of Government provides support to the retirement centers in what refers to the consolidation and conservation of these spaces.

Nonetheless and considering the importance that older adults have in our society, the Municipality of Maipú does not have an area or department that is specifically oriented in the development of policies for older adults. In light of this, we consider of vital importance the implementation and execution of the Program “For age-friendly cities and communities”.

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