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Longwood, Florida

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Longwood, Florida  United States of America
Print this page City population: 1489728.62 % over 60Joined Network in 2017

The City has several community policies, programs and services that are aimed at improving the quality of lives of older people and creating an age friendly community. The City currently has in place an array of social programs, some of which include the senior matinee, painting classes and fitness classes. The City RuOK Program provides assistance and resources to the elderly, in the City of Longwood by reaching into the community where they live and keeping track of emergency information for each residence visited. Through this method many of the citizens that may otherwise be overlooked are now routinely contacted and checked on. The RuOK Program has contacted over 150 seniors and works with several external organizations. The City’s Comprehensive Plan policies support and help the quality of life of the older community. The City is currently working towards creating a safer and more walkable and transit oriented community by implementing the bicycle and pedestrian plan, supporting local transit including Sunrail, LYNX and continuing to subsidize the UBER project to and from the SunRail. There are also plans to create a new one stop municipal building which will be centrally located within the walkable downtown area. The City will also continue to support housing developments such as Heritage Village Commons that are dedicated to older people within the community.

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