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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Limestone  United States of America
Print this page City population: 208424 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

The Age Friendly Community Committee plans to implement the following programs and services. First, the city plans to open a Senior Center on the first floor of the Robert A. Frost Memorial Library. There is a very active Rotary Club in town of Limestone that sponsors events for the whole community. As an example, it sponsors an annual Seniors Dinner and at Christmas time, it gives Baskets of Cheer to the Seniors in town. In addition, there are two Food Pantries in town serving those in need and Seniors. The Committee plans to get the various community “Seniors” groups together for the purpose of “Cross Pollinating” the things and events these various groups do and using them as a starting point to develop more programs aimed at getting seniors out of their homes and involved in social activities first at the new Senior Center and then throughout the town. In the future, the town plans to become more age-friendly by improving communication to seniors Improve the communication to seniors about the programs available to them such as the Fort FairField Housing Authority Home Improvement program which is available to Limestone residents and other local (ACAP), state and federal (USDA/Rural Development) programs along with programs supported by volunteers. The Committee will use the local newspaper, the town website and Facebook page to get the word out. In addition the committee will meet with all of the local church organizations and where appropriate become an additional sponsor in the events organized by these groups. Goal is to get the townspeople, seniors in particular, involved in what is going on in town.

The coordinating agency for Age-Friendly Limestone is the Limestone Development Foundation, Inc. The Limestone Development Foundation, Inc., exists to foster, encourage, and assist the settlement or resettlement of business enterprises within the greater Limestone area. This is achieved through the identification, pursuit, and acquisition of sources of funding for the general economic development of the area. This will lead to the improvement of town properties and the promotion of the area in general.

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