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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Independencia  Chile
Print this page City population: 10028115 % over 60Joined Network in 2019

The municipality of Independencia has an Office of the Elderly that carries out health promotion activities around healthy aging  by implementing action plans that consider the development of socio-health, socio-educational aspects and spaces for the promotion of rights and community awareness. The “Vínculo” Program also serves the older population by providing tools to older persons that are in situations of social vulnerability to connect them with a social support network and with their peers. Other programs that support older persons in Independencia include:

  • The National Care Service (SNAC) promotes individual and household well-being to households with at least 1 member that has dependency needs by generating conditions that allow for autonomy and lighten the burden of dependency on others in the household.
  • The MAS Adult Self-Sufficient Program aims to prolong the self-reliance of the elderly by improving and maintaining their functional ability.
  • Complementary Food Program for the Elderly (PACAM) delivers food to the elderly to help them maintain and improve their nutrition in older age.
  • The Day Center for the Elderly (CEDIAM) aims to strengthen and improve the quality of life of elderly people with mild dependence.
  • Community Rehabilitation Center (CCR) is a rehabilitation facility where older people are referred for recovery from problems associated with physical deterioration of age, accidents, etc.

In terms of accessibility, currently 70% of the paths and streets in the district have been improved, allowing older people to move safely through the streets of Independencia. There is an estimated 95% improvement by 2020. Lastly, the prompt completion of the Public Transportation Corridor of Independencia will help improved access of the elderly to both the existing programs that are offered and other municipal services by reducing transportation time.