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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Grosuplje  Slovenia
Print this page City population: 2028420 % over 60

Grosuplje is a modern, fast-growing municipality. The population has grown to nearly twenty thousand people, of whom seven thousand live in the town. Our population is also ageing (the percentage of people, older more than 60 years is 20,33 %).
In the context of Strategy of development of social care in Grosuplje our municipality attempts to systematically set the foundations for safety of older citizens.

We develop the activities and the programs that provide long term care for the elderly (home care, family assistance, help the relatives of elderly and disabled, courses for family caregivers, day care for the elderly, day centers for the elderly, etc.).
We develop environment for active and healthy aging (preventive health programs, recreational programs, project, senior citizens, etc.).
We are strengthening intergenerational relationships (with connection of older and younger population; with forming student groups that under the guidance of the coordinators visit the elderly; with several joint activities, mutual learning, joint events, etc.).

We connected all institutions that are presence in the local environment and work in the field of ageing. We also established a senior committee that helps the municipality with the realization of planned tasks.

That is how we ensure the consistent and continuous forms of help for the elderly, which enables them to stay longer in their homes that are used to. At the same time these forms represent the completion of the institutional forms of support for the elderly.

Our goal is to provide our residents safe and comfortable ageing that is adjusted to their individual needs and wishes.

Grosuplje is part of the Slovene Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities, which is coordinated by the Anton Trstenjak Institute of Gerontology and Intergenerational Relations. The main aim of the Slovene Network is to disseminate good practice and experiences together with the implementation of guidelines for quality ageing and intergenerational relations. The Slovene Network also helps cities and communities with evaluation and provides professional support, especially for the development of new approaches.

Strategy and Action Plan