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Gondomar (S. Cosme)

Gondomar (S. Cosme)

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Gondomar (S. Cosme)  Portugal
Print this page City population: 486007351 % over 60Joined Network in 2013

The Union of Parishes Councils of Gondomar (S. Cosme), Valbom and Jovim is one of six Parishes within the Municipality of Gondomar and belongs to the Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto, in the North of Portugal with a population around 50.000 inhabitants. As a public entity, the Institution has many competences established by the government and developed a lot of projects related with entrepreneurship, employment, training, education for children, adults and seniors, social inclusion, active ageing, disadvantage people, several projects related with local and national volunteering projects, culture, sport, environment, among others. Gondomar is also known as the “Capital of Gold” and it’s artisans are well known by their activity.
Concerning the rapid population ageing of our population, we are developing a set of social policies that aims to promote active ageing, inter-generational activities, social inclusion and participation of seniors in the community. All the actions will facilitate the maintenance of elders in their family environment, support their daily lives, diminish isolation and solitude, and enjoy leisure and entertainment venues.

For this, we are now developing among others initiatives, the following projects and initiatives.

In the field of active ageing and adult education we have the Senior University of Gondomar with 340 senior students, 51 volunteer teachers and 52 disciplines. the Senior Program on the Move that intend to encourage improvements in the quality of life of the older people´s through the practice of physical activity, creating a healthy lifestyle and facilitating the existence of positive social contexts. Currently we have 150 people over the age of 50 years to practice regular physical activity. The Volunteer group Approach with 25 volunteers seniors that developed several actions in the community, the Project Age-Friendly Cities where we are now developing the diagnosis for the implementation of the gerontological plan of the territory.

In the field of culture, sport and sustainability we regularly develop intergenerational activities alongside with other activities more focused on senior people.

Gondomar also signed the Dublin Declaration on Age-friendly Cities in 2013 and receive other prizes recognizing the work in the field of active ageing from the central government.

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