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Gmina Oborniki

Gmina Oborniki

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Gmina Oborniki  Spain
Print this page City population: 32886

The commune, as the environment opened to the needs of elderly people, carries out a lot of initiatives focusing on elderly residents. Since April 2016, under the programme Oborniki Senior Card, people aged 60 and older have been able to enjoy discount prices of services of more than 50 partners and 50% discount from the rent rates. In autumn the elderly can use free influenza vaccines. So far more than 3500 older citizens have benefited from this programme. Since January 2017 the owners of Oborniki Senior Cards have been using city transport free of charge. Under the supervision of Social Welfare Centre the Day-Care Centre has been established in the town. Thanks to the funds raised by Oborniki Commune under Senior Plus programme, Senior Plus Club will have been created by the end of 2017. The possibilities of launching telecare programme are currently being analysed. Moreover, the conditions of partnership between Obornki Commune and players applying for the funds within the project: ‘Training activities for the development of digital literacy’ are being negotiated. An agreement with Senior Plus Foundation has recently been reached. As a result, our programme Obornicka Senior Card is now honoured within the offer of the Foundation. The President of the Oborniki Council of Seniors participates in the work of the Oborniki Council of Social Initiatives with great commitment. One of the outcomes of this effective cooperation is a plan to establish the nursing home for the elderly. Gmina Oborniki is a member of the Wielkopolska Cluster of Seniors.

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