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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Durango  Spain
Print this page City population: 3000023 % over 60Joined Network in 2014

The project in Durango was officially launched at the council’s plenary meeting on 24 October 2013.  A number of local and university experts and a group of senior citizens interested in its development have been working on a preliminary stage since 16 April.  The objectives of this programme are as follows:

  • Achieve a commitment from Durango to be an age-friendly city to make the most of the potentialolder people represent for humanity.
  • (Help) Durango to take an approach from the  perspective of older people in order to identify which aspects and how it can be a “friendlier” city for older people.
  • Promote the key characteristics of a friendly community in Durango to create an opportunity for active ageing.
  • Combat the negative images about age and ageing, and increase awareness on this matter.

This project is led by a standing committee made up of ten older people from the municipality and five local experts (social services, urban planning, etc.) and the University of Deusto.  This team has led the launch of the project and the whole age-friendly assessment process and proposal drafting. This stage is currently underway.

At the age-friendly assessment stage, interviews were conducted with four groups of older people (balanced by age and gender), carers of dependent people, healthcare and social services experts, urban experts, actors of public transport services (bus, train, etc.), social networks, volunteering associations, local traders associations, etc.

Our age-friendly assessment report 2015 “Informe diagnóstico” is available for download.



In late 2016, the Action Plan begins, wich develops in following by a stable steering group composed of voluntary elder adults. Some of most significant actions are carried out in area of mobility, elderly friendly urban planing,  or the fight against unwanted loneliness.

Te Action Plan is avaliable below:

Action Plan / Plan de acción

Currently, the steering group keeps working, even in times of pandemic. At the same time, at the technical office, work is under way to advice the evaluation of the project.



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