Adding life to years
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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Davlekanovo  Russian Federation

The Coordinating Council chaired by the Deputy Head of the municipality on social and personnel policy was established to implement our age-friendly project. Working groups on the eight aspects of active ageing consist of specialists of different services and departments, government officials, and NGO members.

After consulting with our older residents, we drew up our action plan and identified priorities for action. The total number of pensioners in the area is about 11,000, and there are 108 elderly people aged 90 and above. The District Council of Veterans plays a significant role in solving problems our elderly residents face. Widows and war veterans received housing certificates to improve their housing conditions. An Integrated Social Service Centre, made up of two separate departments, helps to care for the old people at their homes. 43 social workers provide social services, such as the purchase, delivery and preparation of cleaning the rooms, etc, daily. 412 elderly people benefitted from this in 2013, and 382 people have been helped by this service so far in 2014.

Representatives of the older generation are actively involved in the social life of the city. The Davlekanovo Central Library holds various special events for the elderly, while the District House of Culture organized a club for the elderly. Festivals and contests are also held yearly. Under our social tourism programme, seniors can get reduced price tickets to various destinations. In 2013, 32 seniors benefitted from this. Seniors are also able to keep themselves active through the National University of the Third Age, with 180 pensioners taking part in courses there in 2013. Older residents also receive full medical care, spa treatment, subsidized medicines and prosthetic dentistry.

Commitment Letter
Baseline Assessment
Strategy and Action Plan