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Cuadrilla de Añana

Cuadrilla de Añana

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Cuadrilla de Añana  Spain
Print this page City population: 882222 % over 60Joined Network in 2013

Cuadrilla de Añana is located in northern Spain in the Basque province Alava. The county covers 10 small municipalities: Añana, Armiñón, Berantevilla, Cuartango, Iruña de Oca, Lantarón, Ribera Alta, Ribera Baja, Valdegovía y Zambrana.

A member of the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities since 2014,  Cuadrilla de Añana has been part of the Age-Friendly Basque Country Programme – EuskadiLagunkoia – since  2013.

Euskadi Langunkoia –Age-friendly Basque Country – is a cross-cutting initiative that engages citizens, the public and private sectors to create supportive and enabling environments for older people.

Euskadi Langunkoia works with a number of communities across the Basque Country, including Cuadrilla de Añana, to develop a network of age-friendly communities and facilitate the exchange of good practice between them.

Consultations with older people across the Cuadrilla were carried out in 2013, involving 260 questionnaires and 6 meetings (77 people)


Cuadrilla de Añana has been participating in a number of age-friendly initiatives spearheaded by the EuskadiLagunkoia Programme. Some of the most important are:

  • Time Bank: this is an online tool for the exchange of activities and support between citizens.
  • Self-support between neighbours program (Auzokoa Lagun): thi is a citizens’ initiative that works to promote social fabric of neighborhoods and mutual help among neighbors.
  • Home delivery of books: people with mobility difficulties can ask for books and newspapers at home.
  • Bench project: social workers, associatons and older people detect where benches are needed and create and install them
  • Nording walking: a group of older people is now practicing this sport.
  • Recipes book: an older person teaches a recipe to a child and, if possible, they cook it together. All the recipes are put together in a book.
  • Age-friendly shops: this program was created with the aim of including small and large businesses of the neighborhoods in the project, creating a distinctive “We are Friendlyto identify those who commit themselves to participate by making a few small improvements on their premises (ie. have chairs where guests can relax). 
  • The Legacy initiative across the Basque Country: This is a project of 12 short videos (5 min aproximately) of older person as transmitters of intangible heritage. You can watch them here:

More information about Euskadi Lagunkoia can be found in the following website:

Cuadrillla de Añana: Diagnóstico


Commitment Letter
Baseline Assessment
Strategy and Action Plan