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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Coventry  United Kingdom
Print this page City population: 31700022 % over 60Joined Network in 2017

Coventry city centre is currently undergoing a regeneration project. The route from the city centre is being improved with subways being filled in. This will aid mobility (removal of stairs) and make older adults feel safer.
• Transport

Older people are entitled to a bus pass which allows free bus travel at off peak times. There are also dial-a-ride services which mostly charge fees. Disabled parking bays are provided in public and private car parks.
• Housing

There are two main schemes regarding help in the home for older people; servicing and maintenance trades from trusted traders, and support and practical help to promote and maintain independence.
• Social Participation
A wide range of activities and services that encourage social participation in older people are present as well as less formal activities i.e. coffee mornings. These include services such as the Coventry ‘Home Library’ and the Coventry ‘’Fit as a Fiddle’ scheme.
• Civic Participation and Employment

– Coventry Computer Centre gives people the opportunity to socialise and learn new skills, which may also make them more employable.

– The Older People’s Partnership meets regularly to share information with and consult with older people on relevant/current issues.

• Community Support and Health Services

– ‘Helping hand’ service provides support with indoor/outdoor household chores.

– Coventry ‘Money management’ service.

– Crossroads Care – provides help, support and respite care services.

– Telecare services available to those who need them.

– A home meal service for older people.

Coventry plans to initiate a partnership and community engagement approach and build on best practice and learning from other age friendly cities and explore intergeneration activities between older and young people as part of its local approach. Initiatives and services will have an emphasis on community empowerment, early identification of risk, early intervention and integrated working.