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County Westmeath

County Westmeath

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

County Westmeath  Ireland
Print this page City population: 8877017 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

Westmeath’s first Age Friendly Strategy was adopted by all stakeholders following a wide consultation process in 2013. The Age Friendly Programme is an example of how older people, agencies both statutory and non statutory and community groups can work together to make a difference for older people in a community. Westmeath Age Friendly Service Providers Forum and Westmeath Age Friendly Alliance work with the Age Friendly Council to support, develop and implement actions identified by older people in the county. The Council represents the voice of older people in Westmeath bringing; knowledge, experience and expertise to bear whilst developing the county to become “a great place in which to grow old”. The members of the age friendly structures are hands on, they plan, develop and implement activities in the community that not only impact positively on older people, but also have a universal impact improving the lives of all. Actions implemented to date include; community safety, community wellbeing, intergenerational activities, healthy eating, mental health awareness, transport, physical access to services, development of policy submissions at a local and national level, training in public realm and housing and planning into the future. Westmeath Age Friendly structures have already successfully implemented one strategy and are now in the process of development a second strategy due to be launched in Quarter 1 2019. The Age Friendly Programme members look forward to overseeing and implementing many more initiatives in Westmeath through the new strategy and will further develop the strategy into annual workplans using a multi agency approach.

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