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Coral Gables

Coral Gables

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Coral Gables  United States of America
Print this page City population: 5081520 % over 60

The City of Coral Gables offers a wide arrangement of program and lectures for the 50+ community run out of the City of Coral Gables Adult Activity Center, opened in 2016. These may include fitness courses, support groups, leisure, and arts& sciences courses. Some of our highlighted programs are Aqua Zumba, Watercolors, and Brain Gym. Additional exercise classes include Tai-Chi, Yoga, Pilates for Bone Health, Silver Sneakers. Additional ongoing classes include a Book Club, Current Events Discussion, and All Coral Gables Canasta Club with special classes of conversational Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Social Services available include: Hearing Loss Support Group, MS and News Group, Diabetes Support Group, Alzheimer’s Support Group, information and counseling through The Alliance for Aging SHINE Program. The Adult Activity Center offers a variety of county programs such as: Energy Assistance, Food Assistance, Senior Companion Program, Seniors Never Alone program, Miami-Dade Transport Golden Passport. Emergency help is available through the Elder help line and the Alliance for Aging. The City also offers a free trolley system to all ages that provides mass transportation throughout the city. This community plans to become more age-friendly by continuing to make the city more walkable and pedestrian-friendly. This encourages active, healthy transportation and social interaction. An example of this is the new improvements have recently been made to Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue in the City. These recent renovations have made walkways much wider on Miracle Mile, and made a portion of Giralda Avenue a plaza that is only accessible to pedestrians.

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