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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Cockburn  Australia
Print this page City population: 11071016 % over 60Joined Network in 2015

The City of Cockburn has developed its second City of Cockburn Age-Friendly Strategy 2016-2021.

The City of Cockburn vision for older people is that they are valued, have optimal opportunities for good health, active participation and a sense of security while enjoying facilities and services that are accessible and inclusive of their needs.

Key achievements from the previous Age-Friendly Strategic Plan 2009-2011 strategy were:

  • Establishment of interim Seniors Centre (which currently operates with 1200 highly engaged members)
  • Outdoor exercise equipment provided at 15 locations across the City
  • Site selected to develop seniors apartments and residential age care facility
  • Development of a public toilet map
  • Extra patrols by CoSafe
  • CCTV strategy implemented
  • Public bus service established connecting Spearwood, Coolbellup and Cockburn Central
  • Six seniors information forums held annually at the Cockburn Seniors Centre
  • Established an interim Men’s Shed in Cockburn and successful Lotterywest grant of $484,000for a new purpose-built shed
  • Co Health initiative to support people at risk of developing chronic disease, engaged with 900 seniors
  • Annual Healthy Lifestyle Expo for 55+ held in conjunction with the Cities of Fremantle and Melville

The City of Cockburn has been successful in receiving the following awards in relation to their Age-Friendly approach:

  • WA Seniors Awards 2015, Senior Volunteer Award, Winner – Don Watson
  • WA Seniors Awards 2014, Local Government Award, Winner – City of Cockburn’s Age Friendly Strategic Plan
  • WA Seniors Awards 2010, Bendigo Bank Active Ageing Leadership Award – Winner City of Cockburn Senior Centre

The City of Cockburn Age-Friendly Strategy 2016-2021 priority themes emerging from the review process included:

  • Seating and shade in parks and public places
  • Managing dogs in parks
  • Engaging with the business community (to address access issues at shopping centres, employment opportunities and age-friendly strategies within the retail sector)
  • Appropriate housing options (to meet a broad range of need and financial capacity)
  • Disseminating information (utilising age-friendly approaches)
  • Satellite services (to meet growing need in southern and eastern suburbs)
  • Linking with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities
  • Life-Long Learning Centre (a multi-purpose centre including a permanent Senior’s Centre)
  • Intergenerational activities
  • Hearing the views of older people

These priorities are reflected in an Implementation Plan which contains 10 priority actions and a total of 47 actions. The 2016 Age-Friendly Strategic Plan will guide the City’s considerations regarding the needs of older people for the next five years. The actions will be reviewed annually with the next major strategy review scheduled for 2021.

A copy of the Age-Friendly Strategy 2016-2021 can be downloaded here: Age-Friendly Strategy 2016-2021


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