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City of Poznan

City of Poznan

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

City of Poznan  Poland
Print this page City population: 54189625.92 % over 60Joined Network in 2016

The authorities of Poznań are aware of challenges related to ageing of the society and for several years have made attempts to meet changing needs of the oldest inhabitants of the city.
City Social Policy Strategy from 2003 contains a separate chapter entitled “Social Policy of the City of Poznań in View of Seniors” which marks the beginning of development of senior policy in the city.
The City Development Plan for the period of 2005-2010 contains a program entitled “Seniors”. This program includes, among others, a multi-variant housing program addressed to elderly people who live in Poznań. One of its elements is the acquisition of housing premises from Social Construction Association resources which, in the first place, are addressed to the oldest inhabitants of Poznań who live both in municipal premises and private facilities.
The natural consequence of “Seniors” program was the inclusion of the issue concerning support for elderly people along with preparation of the City Development Strategy until 2030. As a result actions aimed at the benefit of seniors constitute an integral part of strategic programs entitled “Healthy Poznań”, “Civic Poznań” and “Socially Sensitive Poznań”. First of all these programs assume to provide seniors with an access to prophylactic programs and medical services, highlights personal safety and development of social services and prevent exclusion. Under NGOs cooperation program city implements the program entitled “Activities for the benefit of people of retirement age” granting financial measures for implementation of supporting and activating activities for elderly people.
Poznań, as one of the first cities in Poland, appointed City’s Senior Council which is the social opinion body for City Council and acts on behalf of seniors who live in Poznań.
In 2010 City’s Senior Council initiated the establishment of Senior Initiatives Centre the purpose of which is to improve the quality of life of seniors, including improvement of their participation in social life, in particular in the area of education, health, culture and art through reaching to the biggest possible group of seniors with reliable information with regard to senior initiatives which are available in the city. Objectives of the Centre include also execution of advisory services and seniors interests spokesmanship and their families, development of IT support network for seniors, promotion and support for voluntary activities of seniors.
Since 2010 City of Poznań has been organizing annual fairs entitled active 50 + – the first Polish fairs addressed to people over 50 years of age. The aim of the undertaking is to gather the highest number of exhibitors offering broadly understood services and products for people aged over 50. Apart from its commercial dimension it has also social dimension, the opportunity to present the offer is granted to non-governmental organizations and city units which are focused on popularization of activities for the benefit of stimulation and improvement of quality of life of people aged over 50.
On the basis of inter-institutional cooperation in Poznań and international exchange of experiences within the network we will implement existing programs and the developed recommendations to make our city friendlier for all inhabitants.