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City of Fredericton

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

City of Fredericton  Canada
Print this page City population: 6000024 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

Age-Friendly Fredericton
• City of Fredericton Age -Friendly Community Advisory Committee created
o Hosted a ‘World Café Event’ to determine the needs and concerns of local seniors. After reviewing the feedback from that event, we determined 3 main priorities:
1. Vulnerable Persons Registry
2. Universal Design
3. Good Neighbour Initiative

o Developed a logo
o Created Terms of Reference
o Advocate on behalf of local senior about the accessibility of local polling stations
o Awarded a $25,000 New Horizons Grant. Developed a Directory of national, provincial, and local services for seniors.
o Developed a newsletter highlighting our activities and other age-friendly items. We have continued the newsletter quarterly since 2016.

o Received $25,000 New Horizons Grant. With ‘Volunteer Greater Fredericton’ developed -Prime Time Volunteers- an initiative to encourage volunteerism in seniors.
o Created a document called Tips on How to Better Serve Customers with Various Disabilities.
o Advised the city council of the importance of including Universal Design in the community master plan.
o Organized Spring into Wellness, a large trade show style event for the public in partnership with the Province, retired teachers, which showcased activities and services available for seniors.
o Second Spring into Wellness Fair.
o Advocated on behalf of local of seniors with city transit master plan.
o Received the Catalyst Award for -Prime Time Volunteers.
o City of Fredericton agreed to develop a vulnerable persons registry.
o Created a directory of local senior’s services and programs – Let’s Get Connected – Seniors Services and Activities in the Fredericton Area 2018
o Undertook a large-scale survey of 850+ local seniors to determine current issues and concerns of Fredericton’s senior’s population.
o Received Provincial Age-Friendly Accreditation from the Province of New Brunswick

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