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City of Greater Sudbury

City of Greater Sudbury

Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

City of Greater Sudbury  Canada
Print this page City population: 16613026.7 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

As listed in several of the attached documents, the City of Greater Sudbury through Mayor & Council, supported by staff and many local older adults and age friendly residents, has been focused on making the City an Age Friendly Community. The Seniors Advisory Panel to Mayor & Council have spearheaded several initiatives; IPAD for Older Adults, Free Transit Trial for Seniors, Keeping Seniors Warm, Age In Place Annual Conference, educational sessions for older adults (i.e. financial planning, estate planning, health and wellness to name a few) . Local libraries host crafts, reading buddies, and computer sessions to assist older adults in learning iPad, tablets and other programming for social media. Citizen Service Centres offer a 311 service line where residents can make inquires on local programs and services that are offered by the city. This line can also be used to link to any City department should the resident have any issues. Volunteer Sudbury is supported by the City to match volunteers with local volunteer requirements throughout the City. Many local older adults are registered with Volunteer Sudbury and offer their knowledge and expertise where needed. The most recent initiative offered is free walking in local halls during winter months. A very needed and popular program that is currently offered by the City’s Emergency Services Department is the Paramedicine Program. This allows people to live independently in their homes with appropriate support for their health conditions. This results in improved quality of life and may result in future cost avoidance for Paramedic Services and the health-care system as a whole.

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