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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Bucksport  United States of America
Print this page City population: 492418 % over 60Joined Network in 2016

Since 1992 the town of Bucksport has provided the financial support to maintain a Senior Center that offers a meal program and a variety of recreational and health education programs to meet the needs of older adults. In 2003 the Town of Bucksport incorporated in their Comprehensive Plan objectives and strategies from the Bucksport Health Plan that were prepared by the Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition. Many of these health plan recommendations addressed the needs of older adults in the areas of housing, transportation, health, and community services. Subsequent to publishing the 2003 Comprehensive Plan the town Bucksport collaborated with Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition and The UMaine Center on Aging to conduct a comprehensive study of the housing and service needs of older adults in Bucksport. This study highlighted the need for supportive housing apartments including assisted living residential care options. Day program services for people living with dementia was also cited as a need. Since the completion of this study a HUD supported 26-unit housing project, Gardner Commons, was created by rehabilitating a school building that was no longer being used by the Bucksport School District. In 2011 the town of Bucksport collaborated with a private developer to rehabilitate a deteriorating local landmark, the Jed Prouty Inn, to a 16-bed assisted living center. The town contributed $180.000 toward the rehabilitation expense of this building. Both Gardner Commons and the Jed Prouty Assisted Living Center operate with high occupancy rates and maintain waiting lists for services. In 2004 a local public bus service was established by Downeast Transportation Services to serve, in part, the needs of older adults to access health services and other businesses in the town’s business district.

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