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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Bristol  United Kingdom
Print this page City population: 45420017.2 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

Bristol City Council, Age UK Bristol and Bristol Ageing Better have worked together since 2015 to involve older people and stakeholders in coproducing an Age-friendly strategy that makes Bristol a great place to grow old. The coproduction process led to the production and launch of an Age-friendly charter that set out the 9 visions which underpin our 2018 strategy.

Bristol City Council’s corporate strategy has 4 strategic themes, each of which contribute to making Bristol Age-friendly:

1. Empowering and Caring
2. Fair and Inclusive
3. Well Connected
4. Wellbeing

Within its’ current business plan, Bristol City Council has committed “to produce an Age-friendly City strategy that will enable older people to feel safe, enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in society.”

Age UK Bristol is the leading charity in Bristol working to improve the lives of older people through a range of services. As well as being the lead partner in Bristol Ageing Better, the charity also leads the Celebrating Age Festival and works with other organisations to deliver a range of quality services and initiatives that address issues which are important to older people in Bristol.

Bristol Ageing Better is a Big Lottery funded partnership of over 250 organisations, working to reduce the isolation and loneliness of older people. They have funded over 60 projects to support older people ranging from Asset based Community Development, Mental Health and Wellbeing support and Social prescribing projects. Bristol Ageing Better leads the Age-friendly Bristol Strategy, coordinating with partners and ensuring that older people are involved at all stages of work.

Together we plan to deliver our strategy, working through the Bristol Ageing Better Partnership, ensuring that age and older people are considered at all levels of decision making.

We are establishing age-friendly action groups to bring older people and practitioners together to collectively address specific goals within the strategy.