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Committed To Becoming More Age-Friendly

Arlington  United States of America
Print this page City population: 4300023 % over 60Joined Network in 2018

Under the Department of Health and Human Services, the Council on Aging’s designated focus is the older adults in the community. The Council provides a central gathering point in the community where citizens can congregate for programs and services. To increase accessibility and capacity the COA partners with the town library, local movie theater, and school department to host multigenerational programming.

The municipality supports health and social well-being through programs such as Tai Chi for Arthritis, Chronic Disease Self-Management, medication practices, stress management, exercise programs, lectures, support services, and other social programs. The Council is also responsible for coordinating the AARP Tax Service, Community Teamwork, and Fuel Assistance for all ages. With all 43,000 citizens cohabiting just 5.5 square miles, all programming sites are designed to be near public transportation. For those who need assistance with transportation, the COA has an impressive volunteer system that helps fill that need gap. Additionally, the town of Arlington will be updating its ADA Self-Evaluation and ADA Transition Plan next spring. There will also be significant renovations to the Senior Center, the main hub for the seniors and the venue for many intergenerational programs. Lastly, our Housing Production Plan, which was adopted by the Arlington Redevelopment Board and Board of Selectmen, recommends that the community adopt an Accessory Dwelling Unit bylaw and make other modifications to zoning and policies/ practices to accommodate older people and people of all abilities. The Council on Aging’s mission includes the inclusion and participation of older adults in the programs and processes that affect our everyday lives. We will use a variety of methods to continue this work during the Age-Friendly Initiative including affinity groups, community meetings, and outreach via various platforms. We will provide access points for information through multiple initiatives.

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