Adding life to years
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Ireland: Monaghan Age Friendly County Strategy

In Monaghan, we want to be prepared for the future.  We recognise that our population of older people is increasing year on year, and that there will be increasing demand on services into the future.

We also recognise that older people today have higher expectations to be involved, to be heard and included.

While it is necessary to plan for services, we are also focusing on the opportunities that an ageing society brings. Older people are a resource for their communities and their inclusion will enrich the whole community.

This programme is part of an international effort to address environmental and social factors that contribute to active and healthy ageing.  It helps cities and communities to become more supportive of older people by addressing their needs across eight themes:

  • The built environment
  •  Transport
  •  Housing
  •  Social participation
  •  Respect and social inclusion
  •  Civic participation and employment
  •  Communication, and
  •  Community support and health services.

Monaghan Age Friendly County Strategy