Adding life to years
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Information and Educational Centre „Senior” in Opole

Information and Educational Centre „Senior” in Opole has been working in a very resilient way in our city  since January 2017 and is located in 7a Nysy Łużyckiej Street. It is a venue frequently visited not only by seniors. Friendly atmosphere created by both our employees and the participants facilitates intergenerational integration. This can be confirmed by our team involving young people as well as the elderly.

The centre makes a unique place to enable everyone finding some understanding and obtaining reliable information or help. This year our location has been distinguished with a certification as The Seniors and Disabled Friendly Place.

All of our activities  are initiated by the seniors who cooperate with us organizing numerous activities.  Currently our site is not only an institution to serve mere information purposes concerning cultural events and senior cards. What is more, it plays a role of the contact hub where you may spend time in good company, start additional activities, carry out one’s passion, and take part in other Centre-initiated occasions. These can include language and computer courses, theme journeys, film displays, sporting and fun happenings, mind games, and music workshops in Old Singers Choir.

It is also our goal to put an emphasis upon creating a positive picture of the senior which was reflected in this year’s contest “Miss and Mister Senior 60+.” Moreover, we not only  take interest in those who pay us a visit in person but also in the elderly staying alone in their homes. The may get in touch with us on the phone via our Friendly Helpline.  Thus seniors can contact us to confide, talk about their life problems and get a hand. This works as a sort of antidote to loneliness.

Another aim is to support leaders of senior clubs working in various city districts. We are also the hub connecting all organizations and institutions helping senior society. We are frequently visited not only by event participants but also elderly  volunteers eager to help others. We really appreciate the ideas of seniors whose potential should not be neglected.