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Health Services Privileges For Seniors In Sharjah



Under the patronage of Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed AlQassimi and part of Sharjah Age friendly Strategic plan . Sharjah health authority has signed a memorandum of understanding with hospitals to provide elderly with 25% to 30% discount for the locals and resident in Sharjah. This initiative named as a community responsibility initiative to develop services for elderly in all sectors to ensure suitability in all the areas . The main purpose of the initiative is to provide a special privileges and deductions for those over 60 years that are granted by the private sector in the fifth domain  of the respect and integrated services  to achieve the Age- friendly standards in order to achieve the strategic objective. This initiative has signed by three hospitals, which are:


  • Zulekha hospital has 25% discount for elderly resident in Sharjah in all not covered in the insurance. In addition, to other beneficiaries such as, gross tariffs that not covered their insurance.


  • Aster hospital has 25% discount for elderly resident in Sharjah and UAE nationals in all medical procedure. In addition, to the gross tariffs that not covered the insurance.



  • Al Zahra hospital in Sharjah has provide cash 15% to 30% discount for elderly resident and UAE nationals in Sharjah in some medical procedure.